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Our kits are set up so that they can be upgraded to the next level of performance, depending on the customer’s needs and budget.


Sportsman (S/M) Normally set up to be run on pump gas.  These kits are for the trail rider or duner that need more power, with out the expense of the bigger motors.


Super Comp (S/C) More aggressive than the Sportsman package this kit will usually include over size valves and bigger camshaft for more top end RPM.


Pro Comp (P/C) Same kit as the Super Comp but with a larger bore piston for added torque in the motor.  This is a very popular kit.


Pro Gas (P/G) Same kit as the Pro Comp but with a longer stroke crankshaft to add to overall engine displacement.  Race gas needed.


Top Gas (T/G) Same build as Pro Gas but we add larger carb or carbs or throttle body.  We can now open the intake track and let the motor rev smoother and faster.


Pro Mod (P/M) This package is built for racing.  Higher compression, longer stroke, and bigger bore all come in play.  We go over these details with the customer and together choose the combination that best suit there needs.


Pick your package based on your ride ... Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha


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